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"My experience at Peace Valley" Myself and my group all stayed at peace valley for two weeks in February . And we really enjoyed it. The staff are polite and friendly and always keen to help with anything. The site has some amazing scenery and is set back in the hills a bit , this would benefit people who like relaxing holidays, bird watching, horse riding. "Peace valley" nice get away from the hustle of the city. friendly staff restaurant provides good selection of food.
Peace Valley Resort & Spa, Goa

Welcome to paradise on earth - GOA. Bestowed upon by innumerable natural gifts - Picturesque landscape, sun drenched beaches, historic monuments, pleasant climate and above all hospitable people. Besides the lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, Waterfalls, Springs, Forts, etc. Goa is so full of surprises that everywhere one goes; one is bound to stumble upon something exciting.

Located in Goa. Goa is located on the WESTERN coast of Indian Peninsula and separated from Maharashtra by the Terekhol River in the North, Karnataka in the South, the WESTERN Ghats in the east, and Arabian Sea in the west. Goa is located between the latitudes 15°48'00" North to 14°53'54" North and longitudes 74°20'13" East to 73°40'33" East.

Peace Valley Resort & Spa is situated away from the city a drive through villages to enjoy the rustic ambience and to be greeted by a cheerful toddy tapper or stroll along the narrow winding streets through the green field and see the farmers toiling in the field with their bullocks. In a natural landscape area like Northwood (in London) and Oadiby (in Leicester), where the only sound you will hear are birds chirping.

Combining charm, sandy beaches, aesthetically designed accommodation, dining, a luxurious spa and friendly service, our Resort and spa in Goa ideal for leisure, business or group travel. Open year round, Goa Peace Valley Resort & Spa is a delightful host for your vacation and a romantic getaway. We invite you to explore the art of rejuvenation.

Come stay with us to experience tranquil & delightful vacations
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